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Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
... of... hurricaae sandy...// a... marine... rescue team... saved - "loggerhead"... turtle ggs... from ...assateague island.../ ábbforeááthe storm... hit...//. first on fox toniiht...//: one juss hatched ... aa... the rescue center..... 3 the hatchhlng... is... center... in fells point...//. this is the first time an endangered turtle has been & hatched onn iie. rescuers say the eegs had zero change of surviving the cold sandy hit, so hey had to be mmved off the shore. now - this tiny ttrtle has become a expeets. (amber face to turtle)"this is definately the irst baby ive had to take care oo here...and i can say all of us are like -3 proud new moms at the aquarrum "(amber low angle)"yes.. he is the little miracle thatt occcred before the 3 hurricane.. laugh" laugh" loggerhead turtles can grow to be 300 poundss they -&phope when his hatchling is little bigger and strooger he - can be rellased back into the wild off the coast oo north &pcarolina. 3 3 another cold 3 pighh in altimorr. baltimore..- 3 but a weekend w
Nov 8, 2012 5:30pm EST
../..and ... is... a... true hurricane sandy... survivor. more on this story you iil only see 'first on fox' just before the storm hht... 162 loggerhead tuutle eggs that would have been destroyed by the winds and sand prosion.... were dug up.... &pnntionallseashore. now one of them has hatched and is t the national quariums animal rescue center in fflls at the marrnn aniial rescce center injured see creatures are rehabilitated. buttthis is the first iie an endangered loggerheaa turtle has been htched. rescuers ssy the eggs had zero change of surviving the coldd sandy hit.... now this iny turtle has become a big experts. (amber faceeto turtle)"thii is pefinately the first baby ive had to take caae of here.. and i can say all of us are like proud newwmoms at the aquarium the littll miracle that occured before tte hurricane.. laagh" the rescuers say even under it's likely here wouud only be one survivor from the 162 eggs... hich is why they finddthhs little turrle's purvival so amazzng. that little loogerhead hassthe potential to grow to be 300 poundss aquatic experts hope he has
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2